[4K] Meet Cherry Blossoms at Gyeongui Line Forest Road in Seoul Korea 서울의 맑은 봄 오후 경의선숲길 벚꽃 나들이

walkingtour #seoul #korea 안녕하세요 Seoul Walker 입니다. 오늘은 서울 마포구에 위치한 경의선숲길을 함께 걸어봅시다. 얼마전까지만 해도 남아있던…

50 thoughts on “[4K] Meet Cherry Blossoms at Gyeongui Line Forest Road in Seoul Korea 서울의 맑은 봄 오후 경의선숲길 벚꽃 나들이

  1. 메즈멀아이즈낫쏘머췌즈 says:

    maybe you figured this timing will be impeccable..seeing as you can take a video of seoul as it is. cause it would spare you a lot of hard work blurring people walking by. it assures them of their privacy. and this video would be appreciated by a great deal of people in the future 100 years from now. maybe that was what you were going after? because already the videos ,100 years ago are being watched by lots of people on youtube. this will be a valuable asset to future people. and if you could include dogs as well, it will be much rare document. keep up the good work 🙂

  2. 동동이 says:

    나 하나쯤은 괜찮겠지..아 숨차 답답해?턱에마스크?? 친구랑은 마스크벗고 걸어도 괜찮겠지?? 마스크 나두 답답해 쓰고싶어쓰냐;;나 하나쯤하는 애들
    진짜 그러다 걸려서 집안가족들 싹다 옴기고싶냐??

  3. su j says:

    마스크 안낀 메친인간들 왜이리 많음? 마스크 안끼는것들 벌금 뭋려야함..빷리 마스크 의무화하세요 정부는..저런것들이 코로나 걸려 퍼트리고 다니는 민폐것들임

  4. Mic H says:

    This is so cool! You are presenting lots of areas for me to research. I love there are so many places in Seoul to connect with nature. It's great when you have interesting places you can walk to. I don't have that here in Florida. Everything is very spread out, and I can't do much currently. Wish I was there! I would love to check out the Dongjin Market this weekend that's nearby. I'm sure there would be LOTS to see!
    Oh yeah, the couple taking the pix of the dog with the Cherry Blossom Tree, hilarious!😂 So glad you captured that, it gave me a good laugh.
    Until next time Seoul Walker👣!

  5. ᄂᄋveᄉLᄅLoᄒH says:

    이시국에 거리도 좋지만 마트나 약국 병원 워킹스루 ,드라이브스루 하는거나 내부도 촬영 하면 외국인들 에게도 큰 도움이돼겠네요!! 아마 조회수 폭증 할걸요 ~마스크 필 착용!!!

  6. 에시아 says:

    평화롭네요. 사실 전 이사태전에는
    자유 라는 단어에대해 생각해본적이없는데
    이사태후 중국이나 다른나라들이 봉쇄정책을
    쭉봐오면서 자유라는 단어를 한번더 생각하는
    계기가 되었답니다. 물론 아직까진 약간의
    조심할부분들이 있지만 지금이시기에
    자유롭게 다닌다는게 한국의 축복이라 생각합니다. 잘보고갑니다

  7. Ngariki Tinirau says:

    It warms my heart to see people are out and about. I wouldve been leaving Incheon for my first destination of a month travelling. Not to worry,there is always 2021. Thank you as always Seoul walker👏

  8. Asia Night: Walking in Asia says:

    Hi my good friend Seoul Walker, fellow walker, I am happy and honored to have the opportunity to once more witness the sights of Seoul directly through the contents of your channel, which are always featured with perfection levels of quality.

  9. Hwan says:

    경의선 번역명이 Gyeongui군요 경기로 읽어버림…
    여기 요새 벚꽃너무 잘펴서 친구들이 많이가던데 무서워서 못가던중에 화면으로 대신 봅니다ㅋㅋ

  10. the쿠팡의.숲. says:

    병원근처.병원내부 부탁합니다.
    (어떤 얼빵한 두놈이 댓글달았던데
    언제부터 병원이 위험하고 저급한 장소가 되었냐? 선별진료소도 아닌 순수 병원과 그 주변을 말한건데 특이한 관종들이네! 요즘 외국인들 한국병원 궁금해하는 사람 많다.)

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